[hibernate-dev] ORM Jenkins Builds

Steve Ebersole steve at hibernate.org
Fri Mar 27 17:01:57 EDT 2015

I was curious why it took so long to run the master ORM jobs on the CI
machine compared to running the job locally.  Locally I run `clean test` at
the root prject quite often and it takes roughly 9-10 minutes.  The master
CI jobs generally take 45-50 minutes to complete.

So I enabled "Gradle build profiling" in our job.  The results were
surprising in terms of ratios.

I figured findBugs, checkStyle etc probably added significant times to the
build.  But I was shocked how much it added.

BTW, you can view these profile reports in {root}/build/reports/profile...

So hibernate-core, overall took 17m22.19s to run for one job.  Of that,
12.5 was findBugs!  checkStyle as actually "reasonable" at just under 30s.
The ratios were similar across all modules.

The aggregatedJavadoc task took a shade over 2m.

Considering that these jobs are run on ever check-in (and eventually it
would be great to auto-run them against PRs too), plus the fact that we
aren't even failing the build for the majority of findBug/checkStyle hits I
think we should define these jobs a little differently.  Its not just the
time it takes.  Yes we all hate to wait.  But it's also the CI resources
taken up.

I'm going to put some thought into this after the 5.0 Beta release, but I
wanted to get some thoughts and feedback in the meantime.  Things to

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