[hibernate-dev] [OGM] JIRA components for backends

Gunnar Morling gunnar at hibernate.org
Fri May 8 03:00:37 EDT 2015


As we had discussed a while ago, I have created a dedicated JIRA component
for each of our backends in OGM.

This means we don't have to encode the backend in issue titles anymore.
Thanks to Hardy's release script, the component name will be added to issue
titles in the change logs. Just make sure issues you are working on are
assigned to the right component.

The previous "datastore" component should not be used any longer for issues
we work on from now on. Unfortunately there is no component archiving
feature in JIRA, so we cannot actually disable the legacy component. I have
renamed it so it shows up last in the drop-down. It's not perfect, but the
alternative would be to physically delete it, which I dislike as it'd
affect all the closed issues linked to it.



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