[hibernate-dev] [OGM] Need to list entities when using Hibernate OGM on WildFly

Scott Marlow smarlow at redhat.com
Wed May 13 09:08:13 EDT 2015

I remember seeing this before but don't remember why.  Years ago, I 
blogged [1] about using OGM on JBoss AS (before the rename to WildFly). 
  I didn't name the entity classes in the blog (or git [2]), so not sure 
if that was because OGM worked better back then or I just got lucky with 
my simple test case.

By the way, we are talking about moving Jipijapa back into the WildFly 
code base, to get more eyeballs on it.  Currently its just me reviewing 
my own code changes, but on WildFly we usually get a peer code review as 
part of pull request processing.  I wanted to mention this, as we talked 
in the past about possibly adding JPA integration code for OGM (if there 
is ever a need).  Obviously, if the Jipijapa code is moving to WildFly, 
we would want to do any integration there.  This is still being discussed.




On 05/13/2015 08:28 AM, Gunnar Morling wrote:
> Hi,
> When using Hibernate OGM on WildFly, one needs to list the entity classes
> in persistence.xml, otherwise and "Unknown entity" exception will be raised.
> Does anyone have a rough idea what may be causing this or where to get
> started to analyse this issue?
> Thanks,
> --Gunnar
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