[hibernate-dev] Upgrades for ci.hibernate.org

Sanne Grinovero sanne at hibernate.org
Tue May 19 18:19:42 EDT 2015

Hi all,
the build slaves for ci.hibernate.org got refreshed.

Several jobs failed during the last week as the micro quotas we had
were getting full.
The 4 nodes have now 4 times the RAM, 4 times the CPU and 8 times the
disk space.
(that's 15GB of RAM, 8 CPUs, 80GB of dedicated space per node)

N.B. both relational and NoSQL databases are running on a much smaller
18GB partition, shared with the OS system files. Tests are expected to
cleanup after use!

I've tested some of the main builds and they seem to run fine, but
there are various exotic jobs which don't get run too often.. please
let us know if you see something unusual.

Some things of note:
 - I reconfigured the Gradle and Maven global environment (defaults)
to more generous heap sizes
    -- you might want to do the same, if you did override those in your jobs
 - the various JDKs got updated
 - the HQL Parser project apparently was just verifying it could
successfully checkout the project.. fixed that to actually run the
build, and the tests too!
 - it took Davide and me a couple of hours to figure how to script the
disk size changes, but the actual re-build from scratch of all slaves
only took minutes! eureka
 - the HQL Parser is now experimenting with the Gradle option to run
parallel builds (try to get some benefits form all these cores)
   -- I'm temporarily playing with the setting on Hibernate ORM too,
I'll probably return it to more conservative options soon ..

Remaining TODOs:
 - merge the open PRs of ci.hibernate.org
 - think of how to automate disk space reclaim? Or keep an eye on its growth
 - Several Jenkins plugins need to be upgraded. I'd prefer we wait a
bit on that and verify first that most jobs build fine, to ease
diagnostics of all the things which break when those get updated..


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