[hibernate-dev] Hibernate ORM - next steps

Steve Ebersole steve at hibernate.org
Tue May 19 21:47:40 EDT 2015

Now that 5.0 is settling down I wanted to start planning where we go from
here in terms of feature development and schedule/releases.

Here is my high-level list of features/work:
* rework SQL generation & HQL parser
* change JDBC extraction to work by position, rather than alias (reworking
SQL generation is a prerequisite)
* rework annotation binding (Jandex, etc)
* extended orm.xml, deprecate hbm.xml
* discriminator-based multi-tenancy
* port Hibernate Criteria constructs to JPA criteria, begin deprecation of
Hibernate Criteria
* extend JPA criteria API with fluent support
* ability to override EAGER fetching with LAZY (fetch profiles, HQL, etc)
* merging hibernate-entitymanager into hibernate-core
* continue to fill out bytecode enhancement capabilities

Some of these are more involved than others.  The task for re-writing SQL
generation is a HUGE undertaking, but also has many huge benefits.
Re-writing annotation binding is another huge undertaking, but again with
many benefits.

Any others we should add to the list here?

And then we can work on scheduling them.

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