[hibernate-dev] hibernate-osgi JPA bootstrap & classloader

Brett Meyer brmeyer at redhat.com
Wed May 27 22:16:17 EDT 2015

> In regards to OsgiClassLoader and dynamically managing the "classpath", any
> thoughts on how to handle out single call to OsgiClassLoader#addClassLoader
> (from OsgiPersistenceProvider passing
> the javax.persistence.spi.PersistenceUnitInfo#getClassLoader we get from
> the e-OSGi container)?
> I am not sure what all makes up that ClassLoader.

Another really good question, but not sure.  I *hope* that Aries (and other Enterprise OSGi JPA providers) would smartly/narrowly scope that to the specific persistence unit and responsible bundle, but who knows what that actually means in practice.  Since our Enterprise OSGi setup currently works, I would assume that *some* sort of scoping is in place.  Otherwise, we'd hit CL conflicts.

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