[hibernate-dev] Changelog file in Hibernate ORM

Gail Badner gbadner at redhat.com
Thu May 28 15:01:22 EDT 2015

Here is my 2 cents. 

I find it helpful that the changelog contains all jiras for all releases that feed into a particular version. It makes it clear when later branches were branched off. 

This is particularly helpful when we are maintaining multiple branches and commits are being backported to different branches.
My preference would be to truncate the changelogs to the point at which 4.2, 4.3, and 5 branches diverge.

For master: include everything starting form 4.3.6.Final (the last version in master changelog that is also included in 4.3 changelog).

For 4.3: include everything starting from 4.1.5.SP1 (the last version in 4.3 changelog that is also included in 4.2 changelog).

For 4.2: leave changelog.txt as is.

This helps me track down when things are amiss (e.g., for regressions). I know there are other ways to investigate things related to misplaced/forgotten commits, but the changelogs have been a good starting point for me.


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> > +1 from me.  Although, on the other hand, do we really need to keep
> > maintaining that to begin with?  I guess I never thought simply having
> > users go to the JIRA release notes was a big deal.  Just my $.02.
> Same for me on both counts, the proposed handling of changelog.txt as well as
> Brett's comment regarding the usefulness of this file altogether.
> --Hardy
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