[hibernate-dev] [OGM] Bolt vs Rest for Neo4j

Guillaume Smet guillaume.smet at gmail.com
Mon Aug 22 16:25:19 EDT 2016

Hi Davide,

I wanted to add 2 things:
- Neo4j remote with Rest has not been released yet;
- if we remove the Rest protocol, remote Neo4j will only be supported with
Neo4j >= 3

Personally I'm +1 to only support remote Neo4j with Bolt. Maintaining one
more dialect/protocol just to provide remote for Neo4j < 3 does not sound
like a good tradeoff to me.


On Mon, Aug 22, 2016 at 8:11 PM, Davide D'Alto <davide at hibernate.org> wrote:

> Hello,
> at the moment in OGM we connect remotely using the Rest API.
> The reason is that when I created the dialect the new Bolt[1] protocol
> wasn't available.
> I've now finished implementing the dialect so that it uses the Bolt
> protocol, there is a lot of duplication since it is very similar to
> the approach I used for Rest.
> I worked for a while trying to improve the code but I started to
> wonder if it might be really helpful to provide two ways to connect
> remotely with an increase in complexity of the code (more interfaces
> mainly with some additional classes).
> I'm now of the idea that we could remove the dialect thata uses Rest
> and only keep the one that uses Bolt (as suggested by Giulliame in an
> old chat on hipchat).
> This will simplify the code and we can always add it back if the need
> arise or somebody asks.
> Note that the Bolt protocol is the suggested one to use for Neo4j
> since it promises better performance.
> It will also allow us to remove some dependencies required for the rest
> client.
> Please, let me know if you think there is value in keeping  both
> approaches, otherwise I'm going to send a PR that removes the remote
> one.
> Thanks,
> Davide
> [1]  https://dzone.com/articles/introducing-bolt-neo4js-
> upcoming-binary-protocol-p
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