[hibernate-dev] [HV] Jumping to HV 6?

Gunnar Morling gunnar at hibernate.org
Wed Aug 24 03:11:34 EDT 2016


Now that the first changes in HV are being made towards BV 2.0, one
question is which version of HV that should be.

For BV we are doing a major version jump from 1.1 to 2.0 as the minimum
Java version is raised. So I'm suggesting to do the same for HV and jump to
a new major, HV 6. We also may get rid of some HV-specific SPIs and replace
them with ones standardized in BV 2.0, which are breaking changes by their
nature and thus also justify the new major*.

Assuming we agree on moving to HV 6 for BV 2.0, what should happen to the
current 5.3 family? We did an Alpha of it a while ago. Just leaving it
behind like that would look very bad IMO. So I'm inclined to release a
quick CR + Final, essentially containing what has been done prior to the BV
2.0 work (plus maybe some more bug fixes). That should happen rather
quickly so we can focus on HV 6.

Also WF could get that next 5.3 to contain the latest fixes of the BV 1.1

If there are no objections to that plan, I'd move forward with it and aim
for 5.3.CR1 release some time next week.



* ResourceBundleLocator comes to mind which would be obsolete in its
current form when splitting up the notions of message interpolation and
resource bundle retrieval

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