[hibernate-dev] How best to eliminate the Javassist dependency from Hibernate applications...

Ales Justin ales.justin at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 10:24:46 EST 2016

Perhaps check if the Classfilewriter is any better in this concern — it might not need any own classes in proxies.
* https://github.com/jbossas/jboss-classfilewriter <https://github.com/jbossas/jboss-classfilewriter>
(Weld now uses this — it’s part of WildFly)

But this means you would have to write a new Hibernate proxier.
(if you don’t have it already)

> On 03 Feb 2016, at 16:11, Scott Marlow <smarlow at redhat.com> wrote:
> On 02/03/2016 09:01 AM, Steve Ebersole wrote:
>> I should point out... The big drawback with that (and with cloning in
>> general since its the Javassist package renaming that is important in
>> both) is that its no longer a simple matter update (bug-fixes, etc)
>> Javassist usage in Hibernate.  Its certainly no longer simple as in
>> drop-in the replacement from upstream.
> True, many users like to workaround Javassist issues by dropping a 
> different Javassist version in.

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