[hibernate-dev] HSEARCH-1917, faceting, indexNullAs, FieldBridges

Guillaume Smet guillaume.smet at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 13:11:07 EST 2016


While looking at HSEARCH-1917 which is an issue with faceting and null
values, I came up with the following observations:
1/ Faceting doesn't take into account indexNullAs
2/ Faceting doesn't take into account FieldBridges


In HSEARCH-1917, Hardy talked about supporting indexNullAs.

Does it make sense for everyone?

I don't have a strong opinion about it and if we answer no to 2/ for the
time being, maybe it's better to not support it for now (but I would fix
the faceting on null values anyway).


FieldBridges are also not supported by faceting. In the case of a
TwoWayFieldBridge, we could consider applying the FieldBridge to the values
before storing them in the facet field.

One thing that made me think about it is that, currently, with the
Elasticsearch backend, facet values are created from the indexed field so
they take into account the FieldBridge.

Well, apart if it's a facet which has a name different from the field. Then
the facet values are extracted from the facet values created in the Lucene
document. In this case, the behavior is similar to the Lucene backend

My current opinion is that we should for now fix HSEARCH-1917 by adding a
if (value == null) return; at the top of addFacetDocValues and revisit the
2 subjects later for 6.

Anyone against me creating an issue to centralize all the things we need to
fix in FieldBridges/Document building for 6? I would rather create a single
issue for now so that we keep an overview of all we need to fix before
defining exactly what we want to do.


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