[hibernate-dev] Welcome Martin Braun to the Hibernate committers club!

Martin Braun martinbraun123 at aol.com
Fri Feb 26 05:44:21 EST 2016


Thanks to you, Sanne, for the quick introduction and thanks to all for the warm welcome.

About myself:

I am a 22 year old Master's Degree student at University of Bayreuth, Germany (2nd semester starting soon).

I first came into contact with Hibernate/Hibernate Search when working on a project at work.
When working on our project I had some problems with compatibility and also
needed some input on design decisions.
I remember Sanne and Emmanuel helping with out quite much with these (I hope I am not
forgetting anyone). Because of that I kept sticking around on IRC and got interested 
in contributing.

How I got into development for Hibernate Search:

I think it was in November 2014 or so when I was talking to Sanne about how Hibernate Search
does index management because I wanted to write a simple solution for EclipseLink (my current project required it)
that had simple Lucene indexing support. During that talk he suggested that I should try to use
Hibernate Search's engine instead of reinventing the wheel. I started trying it out and found out that
it was possible to have generic version of Hibernate Search that worked with EclipseLink.
As this was slowly evolving to be quite the big project I applied for GSoC last year and got accepted.
During that period I started working with the team and also got my first PR accepted.

My plan for this year is to finally merge my work from last years GSoC into the main repository
and also help with the general development & PRs of Hibernate Search.

If you are interested in this stuff (and haven't already seen these links around):

https://github.com/Hotware/Hibernate-Search-GenericJPA (old repository, this code is being merged)
https://github.com/s4ke/Bachelor-Thesis/raw/Update-System-rework/tex/src/bachelor_thesis.pdf (Link to my Thesis about GenericJPA)



On Thu 2016-02-25 18:46, Sanne Grinovero wrote:
> Hi all,
> Martin has been contributing to Hibernate Search since a year, and
> developed some very interesting extensions this summer in the scope of
> Google Summer of Code, and is still
> evolving those and generally helping and monitoring the project.
> He recently volunteered to try helping us with pull request review
> duty, and today he
> survived my most annoying and pedantic review, forcing him to show off
> with pretty
> advanced Git-fu and managing a complex rebase :)
> So we decided to award him with a set of keys to the reference
> repository, and he just pushed his first PR!
> Martin: do you want to introduce yourself to the others? I suspect
> you're the youngest committer we ever had?
> Welcome again!
> Sanne

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