[hibernate-dev] HIbernate ORM CI builds

Chris Cranford crancran at gmail.com
Sat Jun 18 13:50:50 EDT 2016


I think (1) and (2) on each push still makes sense with (3) being nightly.


On 06/18/2016 11:33 AM, Steve Ebersole wrote:
> We have been having a lot of timeouts on the ORM CI builds.  Mainly this is
> due to ancillary tasks.  Currently the ORM jobs execute:
>     1. clean
>     2. test
>     3. check
>     4. :documentation:aggregateJavadocs
>     5. publish
> A huge chunk of the time is taken up in (3) which performs (a) checkstyle
> and (b) findbugs.  Also, I am not sure of the benefit of building
> aggregated javadocs for each and every CI build.  So I propose we break
> these up as follows:
>     1. A check job
>     2. A clean/test/publish job
>     3. (?) aggregated javadocs job (?)
> This would allow us to split the cost of the Job timeout across the jobs.
> In fact we might even consider making some of these into nightly job(s).
> Initially in setting up this server we decided to just have singular,
> all-encompassing jobs because moving to a new dedicated set of hardware
> (dedicated to Hibernate team) was supposed to free us from jobs fighting
> for resources.  But as our jobs have grown on the dedicated hardware we are
> seeing some of the same.  For certain we want a clean/test/publish job that
> is run on every push.  To me the others are more flexible in terms of
> scheduling.  We could have a separate check job that is run on each push,
> or it could be a nightly job.  We might even decide to leave off building
> aggregated javadocs as an automated job/task, or we might decide to make it
> a nightly job as well (maybe even with full documentation builds).
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