[hibernate-dev] Hibenrate-orm migration guides in one landing page

Vlad Mihalcea mihalcea.vlad at gmail.com
Wed Jun 29 04:14:26 EDT 2016


I've seen questions on our forum and SO related to migration from 3.x to
and users are complaining that it's difficult to follow the migration
guides since they are scattered among hibernate.org and GitHub.

Emmanuel pointed out that in Hibernate Search we have a single migration


I find this a very good idea, and I think we should follow the same trend.

So, I think we should have a new migration folder path under


The migration guides can still be written in Asciidoctor, as on GitHub, and
during release, we copy this folder to hibernate.org.

As for the hibernate.org landing page, we'll have to add a new link only
when we deploy a new version, which, even if we can't automate it, we can
do it after the release.

Let me know what you think?


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