[hibernate-dev] Add entity with InheritanceType.JOINED to native query

Jan-Willem Gmelig Meyling jan-willem at youngmediaexperts.nl
Tue Sep 6 21:41:15 EDT 2016

Hi Hibernate developers,

I stumbled upon an issue today and I am wondering whether the following would be possible using Hibernate, and if not, whether such could actually be implemented, or if I actually hit a boundary of the alias injection.

My problem has to do with trying to map the result set of a native query to an entity that uses the JOINED InheritanceType. After adding the enitity to my NativeQuery as follows, the aliases for the tables of the subclasses are not set properly (obviously). My question is, though, would it be possible to set these as well? As I can’t figure this out from the current documentation (that only states that all columns should be present in the result set, which I assume to apply to a InheritanceType.SINGLE_TABLE primarily).

The code I am currently using to construct the query is as follows:

   .createNativeQuery("SELECT {s.*} FROM my_super {s} LEFT JOIN my_sub_a {a} USING (id)")
   .addEntity("s", MySuper.class)

Additional code is available on Github gist: https://gist.github.com/JWGmeligMeyling/51e8a305f3c268eda473511e202f76e8

And my question is also posted on Stackoverflow (to gain some extra credits for the answer ;-) ): 

Thanks in advance,


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