[hibernate-dev] [HV] Hibernate Validator 6 benchmark updates

Guillaume Smet guillaume.smet at gmail.com
Mon Jul 24 09:16:52 EDT 2017

On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 2:54 PM, Gunnar Morling <gunnar at hibernate.org>

> Awesome, thanks a lot for getting the numbers and applying the
> improvements.
> So to be sure, at runtime (non-metadata retrieval), CR3 already is faster
> than 5.4, also without your latest optimisations from the pending PR? You
> mentioned this morning that having the first 6 commits from your PR would
> be beneficial for the Final, but I think that's about reducing memory
> usage, correct?


CR3 is faster than 5.4 when not dealing with cascaded validation.

CR3 is significantly slower for cascading than 5.4 due to one call to
TypeVariableBindings executed at runtime.

When I say significantly, it's 2 time slower in the CascadedValidation test
of our performance tests, which is the worst case (e.g. the validation is
really fast as you only have a very simple constraint to apply).

The first 6 commits of the PR (the ones referencing HV-1438
are about this issue (e.g. have a list of compatible value extractors and
avoid playing with the type arguments at runtime).


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