[hibernate-dev] "rebranding" the Hibernate Search "ram" directory

Gunnar Morling gunnar.morling at googlemail.com
Thu May 18 12:31:04 EDT 2017

Can't you just move it to the test JAR if it's for testing only?

Am 18.05.2017 6:29 nachm. schrieb "Sanne Grinovero" <sanne at hibernate.org>:

Right technically it's not a unit test. But I'd like to focus on the
testing aspect, as "local-ram" might still convey concepts as "fast",
maybe even expect it to engage Infinispan's off-heap capabilities, or
just being an option to consider for other reasons.

"testing" ?

On 18 May 2017 at 17:20, Adrian Nistor <anistor at redhat.com> wrote:
> I agree, but probably "unit-testing" is not such a good name either.
> Technically, that's a functional test.
> I think I like "local-ram" better, implying that it is not
> shared/distributed and it is also volatile.
> On 05/18/2017 06:07 PM, Sanne Grinovero wrote:
>> As anyone who's bothered to read the manual knows, the "ram" directory
>> should really only be used for unit tests. The other implementations,
>> while typically disk based, are also faster (memory mapped files) and
>> more efficient (better locking design) so there's really no reason to
>> use it, not even performance except for trivial, small, non important
>> data sets.
>> For example the Elasticsearch team is making sure of this by having
>> totally removed the option of using the RAMDirectory - something I
>> actually don't appreciate as our unit tests could benefit from it,
>> having slow storage on our test environments.
>> Tristan is reporting that the "ram" terminology is confusing people,
>> not least in the Infinispan community as "RAM" might be ambiguous
>> since everything is in memory, and people get surprised it's not
>> replicated in the "in memory cluster".
>> I wouldn't want to go to the extremes of the Elasticsearch team as I
>> believe having this option is very useful, especially for testing.
>> Should we rename (rebrand) its short name "ram" into "unit-testing" ?
>> I suspect that would make people think a bit more before pushing it
>> into production...
>> Thanks,
>> Sanne
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