[hibernate-dev] Hiberante OGM Infinispan Remote dialect - Execute the command queue as a single Infispan Remote Server Task

Radim Vansa rvansa at redhat.com
Mon Feb 5 03:53:05 EST 2018

Hi Fabio,

thinking about the cons, Hot Rod can intelligently pick the server where 
should a given key reside, to reduce the number of hops (therefore, 
latency). RemoteCache does not expose any way to route according to some 
key; feel free to file a feature request in Infinispan JIRA.

Note that in order to reduce the number of round-trips, Infinispan 9.2 
will support true-async operations: Previously the putAsync et all just 
moved the execution to different thread, since 9.2.0.CR2 it sends the 
request to the wire right await and the response is received through a 
CompletableFuture. At this moment multiple requests will need a distinct 
TCP connection for each concurrent operation, but this limitation is 
likely to be removed in 9.3. The goal is to let you write the batch down 
one-by-one using async API and just wait for all the operations to complete.

I know this won't help for all the types of operation (a lack of 
client-side API sometimes forces OGM to use get() + CAS in a loop).

I am not trying to talk you out of the remote execution API, just 
spreading news about the emerging alternatives.


On 02/02/2018 09:24 AM, Fabio Massimo Ercoli wrote:
> I'm Fabio, nice to meet you.
> Speaking of the current implementation of the Infinispan remote dialect of
> Hibernate OGM, working on issue OGM-1206 and talking with Davide I noticed
> that the unit of work commands are executed (flushed to datastore) at the
> end of the transaction itself.
> In particular I noticed that the commands are stored in a transaction
> scoped object of type org.hibernate.ogm.dialect.batch.spi.OperationsQueue.
> Instead of perfom one remote invocation for each command in the method
>   org.hibernate.ogm.dialect.impl.BatchOperationsDelegator::executeBatch
> maybe we could invoke a proper Infispan Remote Server Task to execute the
> command queue on server side as a bulk operation.
> Moving the execution of the server-side command list (Infinispan) we would
> have the advantage of reducing remote interactions. Moreover and above all
> the execution of the command queue would be a transactional work unit, on
> which could be apply a Repeteable Read isolation level, for instance.
> The solution would not solve the need for an XA client instead, but it
> could be adopted by customers interested in local transactions.
> What do you think about it?
> Can I open a Jira issue?
> Fabio

Radim Vansa <rvansa at redhat.com>
JBoss Performance Team

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