[hibernate-dev] Could we have a Hibernate 5.3 compatibility layer that includes the ORM 5.1 Hibernate Session class

Scott Marlow smarlow at redhat.com
Thu Feb 8 13:30:05 EST 2018

On 01/31/2018 10:49 AM, Steve Ebersole wrote:
> Not to mention, I'm really not even sure what this request "means".  As 
> we all understand 5.1 -> 5.2 unified SessionFactory/EntityManagerFactory 
> and Session/EntityManager, and that caused us to have to make changes to 
> certain method signatures - most notably `Session#getFlushMode` was one 
> of the problems.  Session defined that returning a FlushMode; however 
> JPA also defined this same method, although poorly named IMO since it 
> instead returns JPA's FlushModeType (so why the method is not called 
> `#getFlushModeType` is beyond me.  Anyway the point is that there is no 
> way to rectify these - there is no way that we can define a contract 
> that simultaneously conforms to both.
> As Sanne said, and as we all agreed during f2f, the best approach is to 
> have both versions available for use.

Which Hibernate ORM release would be best for the second version that we 
include?  ORM 5.3 or 6.0?

Agreed that we will still include ORM 5.1, in WildFly.  For the second 
ORM version that we include (whatever the version is), we have an 
additional requirement now.  Future releases of WildFly need to be 
(JPA/native application) compatible with the Hibernate ORM versions that 
we include.

We will be releasing WildFly more frequently, and want users to be able 
to able to keep up with our pace, as we release more often.


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