[hibernate-dev] HCANN 6

Sanne Grinovero sanne at hibernate.org
Tue Feb 13 06:35:57 EST 2018

I'd like to push some updates to Hibernate Commons Annotations, looks
like a good time to plan it as a 6.0 release to nicely align with
plans of our other projects.

I plan to:
 - bump its version to 6.0.0-SNAPSHOT
 - upgrade the Gradle build
 - upgrade its dependencies to latest (which means just JBoss Logger)
 - baseline the requirement to Java 8 (still was on old Java 6 bytecode)
 - merge the one open PR: looks good to me and we were not confident
on merging it in 5.x
 - if possible, include a proper Jigsaw module definition.

Any objections? I hope not as I've already mostly done it all locally ;)

I'll create JIRA issues soon.


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