[hibernate-dev] Hibernate OGM integration with ORM 5.3

Davide D'Alto davide at hibernate.org
Wed Feb 14 10:18:24 EST 2018

I'm working on the integration with ORM 5.3 and I've created a branch
where I'm applying the changes.

You can see some initial discussions on the pull request I've sent as
preview: https://github.com/hibernate/hibernate-ogm/pull/961

I didn't find any specific issue with ORM 5.3 that could create a
problem for OGM so far.

Main problems are
1)  check the JpaCompliance property and behave the same way as ORM
from a user point of view when possible
2) Positional parameters can now start from 1
3) The method that creates the factory doesn't thow exceptions anymoew
and in OGM we will have to do something similar when the OGM provider
is used

Anyway, it doesn't seem that these issues require changes in ORM.
I still have to update the integration tests with WildFly, so
something else might appears.


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