[hibernate-dev] Goodbye HipChat, hello Zulip!

Yoann Rodiere yoann at hibernate.org
Wed Feb 6 07:18:06 EST 2019


As you may already know, HipChat Cloud will cease to operate in about ten
days. We need a replacement for our real-time chat, and we chose Zulip.

An instance has been set up and configured. You can sign up and login with
the link below; please do!

Zulip takes an opinionated approach to chat, so you are encouraged to read

Please keep in mind that Zulip will only subscribe you to the
hibernate-user stream by default, so you need to subscribe explicitly to
other streams you are interested in (hibernate-orm-dev, ...).

If you need to test Zulip features, you can use the "sandbox" stream, which
is there exactly for this purpose.

If you have any questions, please let me know - on Zulip, of course. Or if
you have trouble connecting, you can always send me an email. Please avoid
HipChat or Gitter, though, for obvious reasons ;)


Yoann Rodière
Hibernate NoORM Team
yoann at hibernate.org

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