[hibernate-dev] Hibernate NoORM meeting minutes

Guillaume Smet guillaume.smet at gmail.com
Tue Jun 4 11:12:01 EDT 2019


As usual, here are the minutes of this week's NoORM meeting.

Once again carefully crafted by hand.

15:01 < gsmet> #topic Progress Fabio
15:01 < fax4ever> First of all, we merged the contribution to support
15:02 < fax4ever> @DecimalScale within BigDecimal and BigInteger field
15:03 -!- rvansa [rvansa at nat/redhat/x-xhodhuijvfvkddtt] has joined
15:03 < fax4ever> Most of the effort of the last two weeks were about
adding field type options,
15:03 < fax4ever> that are present on Hibernate Search 5,
15:03 < fax4ever> but that weren't present on Hibernate Search 6.
15:03 < fax4ever> Now we supports the options:
15:03 < fax4ever> 1. norms
15:03 < fax4ever> 2. searchable
15:04 < fax4ever> 3. termVector
15:04 < fax4ever> I think that was a significant milestone to release a
15:04 < fax4ever> The rest of time...
15:04 < fax4ever> On one hand, I reviewed some pull requests.
15:04 < fax4ever> On the other hand, I completed all the issues
15:04 < fax4ever> that were supposed to be done in the current sprint.
15:04 < fax4ever> Actually, it has been the first time I do it. :/
15:05 < fax4ever> They were about:
15:05 < fax4ever> 1. Handle .onMissingValue().use() properly for date
fields in Elasticsearch
15:05 < fax4ever> 2. Return a CompletableFuture instead of a Future from
15:05 < fax4ever> 3. Add a test for indexEmbedded depth parameter shared
across class.
15:05 < fax4ever> (for Search 6 and 5)
15:05 < fax4ever> 4. Support correctly `.withPrefixLength` in Elasticsearch.
15:05 < fax4ever> (Search 5)
15:06 < fax4ever> That has been the first time that I contributed to Search
5 too.
15:06 < fax4ever> Next two weeks, please.
15:06 < gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Fabio
15:06 < fax4ever> Thanks
15:06 < fax4ever> I started today a new issue to allow to provide a missing
15:06 < fax4ever> replacement for sorting,
15:06 < fax4ever> even if the field has a String type and the backend is
15:07 < fax4ever> That's not supported by Lucene, you know.
15:07 < fax4ever> But Elasticsearch does it.
15:07 < fax4ever> So I've studied the code of Elasticsearch
15:07 < fax4ever> and now I'm trying to do something `similar` for the
15:07 < fax4ever> About the rest, as usual a new sprint has been created,
15:07 < fax4ever> so you can see the forecast of the next two weeks on Jira.
15:07 < fax4ever> See `HSEARCH - 2019-10`.
15:08 < fax4ever> That's all from me. Thanks for your attention.
15:08 < gsmet> thanks!
15:08 < gsmet> #topic Progress Guillaume
15:08 < gsmet> so I haven't done much on the Hibernate front
15:08 < gsmet> I released ORM 5.4.3.Final
15:09 < gsmet> not totally Hibernate related but still, I wrote a guide + a
quickstart for using Hibernate Search on Quarkus
15:09 < gsmet> it was long overdue but Search is now a first class citizen
in the Quarkus world
15:09 < gsmet> now, we just need a Final, guys :)
15:10 < gsmet> I also spent some time on HV, merging a few things in and
preparing new releases
15:10 < yrodiere> when it's ready ;)
15:10 < gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Guillaume
15:10 < gsmet> so I need to fix an issue with HV + Quarkus then release new
versions of HV
15:11 < gsmet> that's my number one priority for now
15:11 < gsmet> I have to prepare for a couple of talks so I will probably
code less than usual
15:12 < gsmet> please ping me when you release new Search version so that I
can upgrade the one used by Quarkus
15:12 < yrodiere> ok I'll try to remember
15:12 < gsmet> that's pretty much it for me
15:12 < yrodiere> worst case you'll get an email on hibernate-dev :)
15:12 < gsmet> usually, you ping me to review the blog post :)
15:12 < yrodiere> right :)
15:12 < gsmet> #topic Progress Koen
15:13 < koentsje> i have finished the integration of quarkus 0.15.0 in the
eclipse tools
15:13 -!- sfikes [~sfikes at c-69-246-28-50.hsd1.ms.comcast.net] has joined
15:13 < koentsje> i worked on an implementation for a quarkus run/debug
configuration for running quarkus inside eclipse
15:14 < gsmet> good thing I released 0.16.0 yesterday then :]
15:14 < koentsje> this is not working yet, so i need to continue to work on
15:14 < koentsje> @gsmet, yes this is for next sprint ;)
15:15 < koentsje> i had to do some maintenance on the hibernate tooling
15:15 < koentsje> i released hibernate tools 5.4.3.Final in lockstep with
orm 5.4.3.Final
15:15 < koentsje> did the integration of 5.4.3.Final in JBoss tools
15:16 < koentsje> and this is about it so i miserably failed to work on the
continuous integration
15:16 < gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Koen
15:17 < koentsje> integration of the 0.16.0 release in quarkus eclipse tools
15:17 < koentsje> look at some bug reports for hibernate tools that came in
15:18 < koentsje> continue the quarkus run/debug configuration
15:18 < koentsje> elaborate on the reddeer automatic integration tests
15:19 < koentsje> and finally, the continuous integration of the quarkus
eclipse tooling
15:19 < koentsje> thanks
15:19 < gsmet> thanks!
15:19 < gsmet> #topic Progress Yoann
15:20 < yrodiere> First, I worked on making Search work properly in Quarkus
15:20 < yrodiere> I had to make Hibernate Search 6 work with ORM bytecode
enhancement enabled,
15:20 < yrodiere> since Quarkus enables that by default
15:20 < yrodiere> It looks like it works now... I don't know how well, but
at least it's better than it used to be :)
15:20 < yrodiere> Guillaume reported a few issues with Search in Eclipse,
so I had to fix the code so that ECJ (the Eclipse compiler) was happy
15:20 < yrodiere> I also added a step to our Jenkins CI job to build with
ECJ in headless mode
15:20 < yrodiere> so that next time we don't have to wait for Guillaume to
know something is wrong :)
15:21 < yrodiere> And since *someone* insisted, I also reported several ECJ
15:21 < yrodiere> Not sure they will fix them anytime soon, but I guess it
was worth a shot.
15:21 < gsmet> I'm becoming more useless every day :/
15:21 < yrodiere> And yeah, it's in our best interest, I know :)
15:21 < fax4ever> :)
15:21 < yrodiere> After that, we released Search 6.0.0.Alpha6, which is the
version used in Quarkus at the moment
15:22 < yrodiere> (yay!)
15:22 < yrodiere> Next, I tried to make Hibernate Search work in JDK11 in
the modulepath
15:22 < yrodiere> Turns out it didn't work because of a classloading issue
that is present both in ORM and in Search
15:22 < yrodiere> I submitted a PR to fix that in ORM as a first step, it's
pending review
15:22 < yrodiere> I have everything ready to make Search work in the
modulepath, but I need this ORM fix to be merged and released firsst
15:22 < yrodiere> well, except the lucene backend of course
15:23 < yrodiere> Lucene is lightyears away from working in the modulepath
15:23 < yrodiere> While I was on ORM, I also submitted a PR to add support
for JPA criteria on stateless sessions
15:23 < yrodiere> which will be necessary sooner or later, since we use
Hibernate criteria in Search on stateless sessions,
15:23 < yrodiere> and Hibernate Criteria will be removed in ORM 6 in favor
of JPA criteria
15:23 < yrodiere> I also upgraded Search to Hibernate ORM 5.4.3.Final
15:23 < yrodiere> There was an incompatibility, which was easily worked
around but still annoying
15:23 < yrodiere> So I set up CI jobs that build search against the latest
ORM snapshot every day.
15:23 < yrodiere> Next time I may be able to catch the problem sooner.
15:24 < yrodiere> I also upgraded Search to Elasticsearch 7.1.
15:24 < yrodiere> Everything went just fine, for once.
15:24 < yrodiere> Apart from that, I worked on a few clean-up PRs
15:24 < yrodiere> And most importantly, on exposing index write APIs in the
Hibernate Search ORM integration
15:24 < yrodiere> It's almost done, I'm writing the documentation and will
submit a PR soon
15:24 < yrodiere> Next two weeks...
15:24 < gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Yoann
15:24 < yrodiere> After I'm finished with the write APIs, I intend to
submit a fix for a problem we noticed with Fabio in Elasticsearch
15:25 < yrodiere> Essentially they store some numbers with 64-bit
precision, but they parse them as a double (~53-bit precision) when we send
values through the rest API
15:25 < yrodiere> That's a problem for our support for indexing BigDecimal,
in particular.
15:25 < yrodiere> because what good is a BigDecimal if you only get the
precision of a double?
15:25 < fax4ever> good question
15:26 < yrodiere> Then I intend to write a bit of documentation
15:26 < yrodiere> Most likely referencing the various predicates, sorts and
15:26 < gsmet> \o/
15:26 < yrodiere> that'll be fascinating, I'm sure :)
15:26 < yrodiere> And when I'm done I'll try to fix some of the remaining
problems of the ORM mapper
15:26 < yrodiere> such as support for document IDs that are not the entity
15:26 < yrodiere> or initialization of lazy collection/map/array properties
when indexing (if necessary)
15:26 < yrodiere> That's all from me!
15:27 < gsmet> ok, thanks
15:27 < gsmet> #topic Other topics
15:27 < gsmet> Monday is a holiday in France
15:28 < koentsje> also in belgium \o/
15:29 < fax4ever> not in Italy :)

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