[hibernate-dev] NoORM IRC meeting minutes

Guillaume Smet guillaume.smet at gmail.com
Tue Jun 18 09:34:05 EDT 2019


As usual, here are the minutes of the NoORM IRC meeting.

15:01 < gsmet> #topic Progress Davide
15:01 < DavideD> On the OGM side, there have been a couple of PRs and
several questions. Always on the MongoDB side. In theory, there is a guy
looking at the support for transaction on MongoDB but I haven't
                 received any news about it yet.
15:01 < DavideD> On the Hibernate Async side, I'm still working on it but
progressing very slowly.
15:02 < DavideD> That's pretty much it
15:02 < gsmet> OK
15:02 < gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Davide
15:02 < DavideD> There are going to be some OGM prs to review and I will
continue the work on the async side
15:03 < gsmet> is there anything that should be done to help you make more
progress on the async side?
15:03 < DavideD> That's all
15:04 < DavideD> I don't know, I talked about it with Sanne last week
15:04 < gsmet> OK
15:04 < DavideD> I think the main issue is that I'm working on it on my own
15:04 < gsmet> yeah, that sure doesn't help
15:04 < DavideD> But he is aware of it, so I guess at some point we will
have some reorganization
15:05 < gsmet> OK!
15:05 < gsmet> thanks!
15:05 < gsmet> #topic Progress Fabio
15:05 < fax4ever> Starting from where we stayed last time...
15:05 < fax4ever> We have made it possible to provide a
missing-value-replacement for sorting
15:05 < fax4ever> on a String field using the Lucene backend.
15:06 < fax4ever> Furthermore, it seems that Elasticsearch does not apply
some normalizer
15:06 < fax4ever> defined on a field on the sort missing value provied at
query time.
15:06 < fax4ever> We do it in the Lucene backend and it would be nice
having the same behavior
15:06 < fax4ever> on Elasticsearch too.
15:06 < fax4ever> For that reason I wrote this post:
15:06 < fax4ever>
15:06 < jbossbot> Title: Should sort missing values be normalized? -
Elasticsearch - Discuss the Elastic Stack
15:06 < yrodiere> From what I can see nobody answered, you should probably
try a bug report instead
15:07 < fax4ever> OK let's do that
15:07 < fax4ever> thanks
15:07 < fax4ever> using github?
15:07 < yrodiere> yes
15:07 < fax4ever> they don't have Jira... OK
15:07 < fax4ever> So I'll
15:07 < fax4ever> it's time to do that :)
15:07 < yrodiere> let's have a look together, maybe? Wouldn't want it to be
dismissed just because something is not clear
15:07 < fax4ever> Moreover, we removed any dependence on
15:08 < fax4ever> Since it won’t be included in future versions of the JDK.
15:08 < fax4ever> Using Hibernate commons annotations
15:08 < fax4ever> that provide excellent support for annotations
15:08 < fax4ever> but not for generics
15:09 < fax4ever> so for the generics part we kept the Hibernate Search
15:09 < fax4ever> Furthermore, we handled what happens when a client reuses
a query component,
15:09 < fax4ever> such as an instance of predicate, sort or projection.
15:09 < fax4ever> We rely on the addressed index set to check whether a
component can be used on a given scope.
15:10 < fax4ever> If they don't match, we throw an exception log
15:10 < fax4ever> Finally, I revied some large pull requests.
15:10 < gsmet> fax4ever: keep in mind that we don't need all the details of
each issue :)
15:10 < fax4ever> But I'm still to slow in reviewing :/
15:10 < fax4ever> OK :P
15:11 < fax4ever> That's all about Progess...
15:11 < fax4ever> too slow
15:11 < gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Fabio
15:11 < fax4ever> I'll be staying on PTO from June 22 to July 15.
15:11 < yrodiere> fax4ever: I still think you're fast enough, just a bit
too meticulous ;)
15:11 < fax4ever> too good :)
15:11 < fax4ever> So in the next three days, the ones up to June 21,
15:12 < fax4ever> I would like to spend much time as possible reviewing
further pull requests.
15:12 < fax4ever> Finally, maybe I'll have the time to solve some issues
15:12 < fax4ever> Like the one to handle the case where a GeoPoint field is
declared sortable.
15:12 < fax4ever> That's all from me.
15:12 < gsmet> ok, thanks!
15:12 < fax4ever> Thank you!
15:12 < gsmet> #topic Progress Guillaume
15:13 -!- sfikes [~sfikes at c-69-246-28-50.hsd1.tn.comcast.net] has joined
15:13 < gsmet> so I worked a bit on ORM to fix an enhancement issue
15:13 < gsmet> and a bit on HV to push new releases for the 6.0 branch and
the 6.1 branch
15:14 < gsmet> nothing much but it was high time we release them as they
contained a few minor but annoying fixes
15:14 < gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Guillaume
15:14 < gsmet> I won't work on Hibernate stuff that much
15:14 < gsmet> I want to make progress on the ORM integration in Quarkus
15:15 < gsmet> I made some progress this week but there is still some work
to do
15:15 < gsmet> I also have a talk next week and I will demo Quarkus +
Hibernate Search as a live demo
15:15 < yrodiere> \o/
15:15 < gsmet> so I have to practice a lot until then :)
15:16 < gsmet> that's pretty much it for me
15:16 < gsmet> #topic Progress Koen
15:16 < koentsje> i have integrated quarkus 0.16.0 in the eclipse tools
15:16 < fax4ever> nice!
15:16 < koentsje> also continued to work (a tiny bit) on the quarkus
run/debug configuration in eclips
15:17 < koentsje> yrodiere helped me setting up a continuous integration
job for the quarkus-eclipse project
15:17 < koentsje> (basically he did all the work ;) )
15:18 < koentsje> i did a bit of maintenance on the core hibernate tools,
updating dependencies
15:18 < yrodiere> I didn't debug the build :P
15:19 < koentsje> and i investigated a jboss tools problem that i lost
track of, it concerns failure of creation of hibernate consoles for
hibernate 5.3 and 5.4
15:19 < koentsje> but so far, i haven’t been able to reproduce it… even
though our qe guys are adamant
15:19 < koentsje> that’s it for me for the past sprint
15:20 < gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Koen
15:20 < koentsje> i will first try continue with this jboss tools problem
15:20 < koentsje> reproduce it and (hopefully) fix it
15:21 < koentsje> then continue the quarkus run/debug configuration
15:21 < koentsje> and finally if time, tackle the issues carried over from
last period:
15:21 < koentsje> - improve the quarkus extension view
15:22 < koentsje> - elaborate the reddeer automatic integration test
15:22 < koentsje> also, i plan to take off next week thursday and friday…
15:22 < koentsje> that’s it
15:23 < gsmet> thanks!
15:23 < gsmet> #topic Progress Yoann
15:23 < yrodiere> First, I finished the work I started during the previous
sprint about adding write APIs that go beyond just automatic indexing.
15:23 < yrodiere> It allows more fine-grained control over indexing when
executing batch processes, in particular.
15:23 < yrodiere> After that I tried to make a case for giving more
precision to the `scaled_float` type in Elasticsearch, which would be
useful to us when indexing BigDecimal or BigInteger.
15:24 < yrodiere> Long story short, there was an easy fix but would not
improve the precision of all features (aggregations in particular), so they
were adamant about it: it's a no
15:24 < yrodiere> So we'll have better precision in the Lucene backend than
in the Elasticsearch backend, there's not much we can do about it.
15:24 < yrodiere> Next, I fixed several minor issues with the Search DSL,
mainly the fact that we used to require a Function for lambdas in the
predicate and projection DSL, and a Consumer for lambdas in the
                  Sort DSL
15:24 < yrodiere> Now we'll expect a Function everywhere.
15:24 < yrodiere> I also worked on the ORM mapper, restoring support for
indexed entities whose document ID is extracted from a property that is not
the entity ID
15:25 < yrodiere> Apart from that, most of my time was spent on the
15:25 < yrodiere> both the javadoc and the reference documentation
15:25 < yrodiere> It took way longer than I initially imagined, but now we
have something
15:25 < yrodiere> Next two weeks...
15:25 < gsmet> #topic Next 2 weeks Yoann
15:25 < yrodiere> I already started a code cleanup in the POJO mapper,
which I expect to submit soon
15:26 < yrodiere> It's mostly related to what I did regarding entities
whose document ID is not the entity ID:
15:26 < yrodiere> I had to implement a quick and dirty fix, a clean one
requires more extensive changes
15:26 < yrodiere> In parallel I've also started investigating a bug related
to distance projections; I will finish that
15:26 < yrodiere> I also want to test and implement support for ES 6.8
15:26 < yrodiere> Then I intend to release a new Alpha, probably by the end
of the week
15:27 < yrodiere> I will also work on some API changes that should happen
before the beta, but they probably won't make it into master before the
15:27 < yrodiere> Some changes are not very impacting to users, such as
renaming some DSL interfaces (users don't reference these types directly
15:27 < yrodiere> but others are more extensive, such as moving the mapping
annotations to a common package (it's a bit of a mess right now)
15:27 < yrodiere> I think that's all
15:27 < yrodiere> gsmet: Fabio will be on PTO starting next week, so I may
need your help for reviews... ? :)
15:27 < gsmet> ping me when you have some stuff to review
15:28 < gsmet> ah wait
15:28 < gsmet> I'm on PTO starting next Wednesday (had 5 days that I *have*
to take in June)
15:28 -!- rvansa [rvansa at nat/redhat/x-lsbsmokpiytmhfpj] has quit [Ping
timeout: 245 seconds]
15:28 < gsmet> and polishing my talk until then but I should hopefully have
some time here and there
15:28 < yrodiere> ok
15:29 < gsmet> and I'm on semi-PTO on Friday
15:29 < gsmet> (meaning, I took a PTO but I will probably work a bit)
15:29 < yrodiere> don't hesitate to ask if I can help with something, that
will leave your more time to review and will reduce the amount of stuff to
review ;)
15:29 < gsmet> yeah, well, it's mostly about practicing and practicing
15:29 < gsmet> so nobody can really help
15:30 < gsmet> well, you can practice if you want but it won't help me ;)
15:30 < yrodiere> developers, developers, developers
15:30 < fax4ever> :)

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