[infinispan-dev] Clustering quick start guide and sample JGroups files

Bela Ban bban at redhat.com
Sun Dec 12 05:06:01 EST 2010

On 12/11/10 3:58 PM, Tristan Tarrant wrote:
> In the past, JGroups configuration has always been a bit of black magic to
> me, so this is very welcome.

You can always ask on one of the JGroups mailing lists, dude...

Help in completing the JGroups documentation is always welcome btw. Hmm, 
it's rather 'perfecting', not 'completing'... :-)

> Now I have seen the light and understand most of what all the bits and pieces do :)

Good !

> Maybe there could be a separate page describing in detail each of the 3
> "pre-cooked" files: what each section does, which values can be further
> tuned for performance, etc.

The refs I sent in the previous email should do that. If not, we should 
complete the JGroups manual, wiki.

The Infinispan wiki should only contain an explanation of the parameters 
that need to be changed/tuned for the Infinispan scenarios, such as 
replication versus distribution, running in a local network versus 
running on EC2, running with IP multicasting disabled etc

Bela Ban
Lead JGroups / Clustering Team

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