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Manik Surtani manik at jboss.org
Thu Dec 16 05:25:25 EST 2010

On 15 Dec 2010, at 22:46, Vladimir Blagojevic wrote:

> On 10-12-15 4:00 PM, Manik Surtani wrote:
>> On 15 Dec 2010, at 18:43, Vladimir Blagojevic wrote:
>>> On 10-12-15 3:03 PM, Manik Surtani wrote:
>>>> I'm gonna cc infinispan-dev as well, so others can pitch in.
>>>> But yeah, good start. I think your dissection of the use cases makes sense, except that I think (a) and (c) are essentially the same; only that in the case of (c) the task ignores any data input.  This would raise the question of why would anybody do this, and what purpose does it solve. :-)  So yeah, we could support it as a part of (a), but I am less than convinced of its value.  
>>> Ok, no problem. We just have to somehow bootstrap EntryStreamProcessorContext with no access to cache for c case.
>> Well, I reckon we provide the ref to the cache.  If the impl doesn't make use of it, too bad.
> Agreed.
>> Just to finalise the API.  Would this be specific to a cache or a cache manager?  E.g., should it be Cache.newDistributedTask()?
> I think it makes more sense on CacheManager because we might have a task operating on data of a few caches, not just one. So to be safe and not sorry I'd go with CacheManager. newDistributedTask can have parameters to specify which cache(s) to use. 

So you'd do CacheManager.newDistributedTask(task, Map<String, K> cacheNamesAndKeys)?

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