[infinispan-dev] CD datastore inserts slow

Ales Justin ales.justin at gmail.com
Tue Jun 3 08:58:11 EDT 2014

> So, storing some thousand entities in a single transaction takes a
> little more than 1 second, while running each put operation in a
> single transaction takes ~50 seconds.
> For the record, I'm more concerned that storing "a few thousand"
> entities in a single TX takes  a full second: that's not expected, but
> my guess is that in this specific case you're not warming up the JVM
> nor repeating the test. Having batching enabled, I'd expect this to be
> in the order of millions / second.

Uh, this was actually my bad -- with single Tx it also takes long time ...
(@Sanne -- be concerned, be very concerned ... ;-)

14:46:14,669 INFO  [com.google.appengine.tck.benchmark.ObjectifyBenchmarkTest] (default task-1) >>>> N = 6000
14:46:17,418 INFO  [com.google.appengine.tck.benchmark.ObjectifyBenchmarkTest] (default task-1) >>>> Save [6000] time: 2461ms
14:47:53,450 INFO  [com.google.appengine.tck.benchmark.ObjectifyBenchmarkTest] (default task-1) >>>> Full Tx  time: 98576ms
14:50:19,721 INFO  [com.google.appengine.tck.benchmark.ObjectifyBenchmarkTest] (default task-1) >>>> Save [6000] time: 146246ms

The 1st "Save" is fast, as this is just pilling-up the entities within same Tx.
It's the "Full Tx" that is relevant here -- which is ~100sec :-(.

The 2nd "Save" is w/o Tx.


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