[infinispan-dev] Hot Rod Remote Events #3: Customizing events

Galder Zamarreño galder at redhat.com
Thu Sep 18 04:11:28 EDT 2014

Radim, adding -dev list since others might have the same qs:

@Will, some important information below:

On 18 Sep 2014, at 08:16, Radim Vansa <rvansa at redhat.com> wrote:

> Hi Galder,
> re: to your last blogpost $SUBJ: I miss two information there:
> 1) You say that the filter/converter factories are deployed as JAR - do you need to update infinispan modules' dependencies on the server, or can you do that in any other way (via configuration)?

There’s nothing to be updated. The jars are deployed in the deployments/ folder or via CLI or whatever other standard deployment method is used. We have purpousefully built a deployment processor that processes these jars and does all the hard work for the user. For more info, see the filter/converter tests in the Infinispan Server integration testsuite.

> This is more general question (I've ran into that with compatibility mode as well), could you provide a link how custom JARs that Infinispan should use are deployed?

There’s no generic solution at the moment. The current solution is limited to filter/converter jars for remote eventing because we depend on service definitions in the jar to find the SPIs that we need to plugin to the Infinispan Server.

> 2) Let's say that I want to use the converter to produce diffs, therefore the converter needs the previous (overwritten) value as well. Would injecting the cache through CDI work, or is the cache already updated when the converter runs? Can this be reliable at all?

Initially when I started working on remote events stuff, I considered the need of previous value in both converter and filter interfaces. I think they can be useful, but here I’m relying on Will’s core filter/converter instances to provide them to the Hot Rod remote events and at the moment they don't. @Will, are you considering adding this? Since it affects API, it might be a good time to do this now.

In terms of how to workaround it, a relatively heavy weight solution would be for the converter to track key/values as it gets events and them compare event contents with its cache. Values should be refs, so should not take too much space… I doubt injecting a CDI cache would work.


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