[infinispan-dev] New algorithm to handle remote commands

Pedro Ruivo pedro at infinispan.org
Fri Sep 19 06:08:16 EDT 2014

On 09/18/2014 05:32 PM, Dan Berindei wrote:
>     >
>     > You're right about the remote executor getting full as well, we're
>     > lacking any feedback mechanism to tell the sender to slow down, except
>     > for blocking the OOB thread. I wonder if we could tell JGroups somehow
>     > to discard the message from inside MessageDispatcher.handle (e.g. throw
>     > a DiscardMessageException), so the sender has to retransmit it and we
>     > don't block the OOB thread. That should allow us to set a size limit on
>     > the BlockingTaskAwareExecutor's blockedTasks collection as well. Bela, WDYT?
>     Even if we have a way to tell the JGroups to resend the message, we have
>     no idea if the executor service is full or not. We allow a user to
>     inject their own implementation of it.
> We do allow a custom executor implementation, but it's our SPI. So we
> can require the custom executor to be configured to throw a
> RejectedExecutionException when the queue is full instead of blocking
> the caller thread, if it helps us.

and about jbossas/wildfly? aren't they inject their own executor service?

the better approach will be to have a custom rejection policy that put 
back the task in the BlockingTaskAwareExecutor's queue.

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