[infinispan-dev] Feedback and requests on clustered and remote listeners

Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Tue Sep 23 09:27:39 EDT 2014

On 23 Sep 2014, at 14:53, Mircea Markus <mmarkus at redhat.com> wrote:

> On Sep 23, 2014, at 15:18, Emmanuel Bernard <emmanuel at hibernate.org> wrote:
>>> I am not sold on this as it seems pretty trivial to decipher which
>>> operation is which and the information would be present on the
>>> javadocs as well.
>> I very strongly disagree. Cf the other thread with Radim 's comment on topology error. 
>> And think about *future* evolutions. The enum would make that much safer. In the bin enum world you would have to introduce a new YetAnotherKeyValueFilter interface :)
> Nicer than an enum would be an explicit method, e.g. handlePut/handleDelete/handleCreate/handleUpdate, as these would also receive the appropriate param list. Of course this means moving away from the KeyValueFilter to an UpdateFilter (good name, Radim) used only for cluster listeners. 
> Will, what would be the overall impact on the A

If you do that you must also provide an abstract class with default noop operations that filter implementations would extend. Otherwise you are back with backward compatibility problems.

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