[infinispan-dev] Missing Externalizers for the Lucene Query classes

Sanne Grinovero sanne at infinispan.org
Mon Oct 31 14:52:27 EDT 2016

Following up on today's meeting minutes.

Galder asked if Hibernate Search was going to provide externalizers
for the Lucene Query classes; let me clarify that I don't think that
those belong in the Hibernate Search code base, not least we hope to
avoid ever needing to implement them.

A soft reason to not have them in Hibernate Search is that this
project never needs to serialise any Query; this is a requirement of
Infinispan Query only, needed to implement Infinispan specific
extensions to the query engine.
Although, these are very nice extensions so I'd not like to see them
dropped: I'd hope that Infinispan could work around the lack of proper
externalizers for the moment, as it has always been able to do so far.

A stronger reason is that this would introduce circular dependencies
between the two projects, and a big overhead of release coordination:
we had this in the past, very all very glad this is in the past!

When we'll have IQL, this will both define a good "on the wire"
representation which would solve the serialization problem, and IQL
will also limit the amount of Query types which we will need to
support, as at that point we will be able to limit the support for
Clustered Queries (which is the feature needing to serialize the
queries) to those which IQL can express, and thus serialize.

At that point we'll be able to deprecate the the Clustered Query API
which accepts a user instance of the Lucene Query, and only run
clustered queries for queries expressed over IQL. Not least we'll be
able to automatically determine if the query is best run as a
clustered query or as a local query, removing this complexity from the
user's responsibilities.

In conclusion, we'll still be using the "Clustered Query"
functionality, but not exposing it, and by doing so we won't need any
externalizer. But for now please keep the tests running with the
existing externalizer strategies: we just need to keep it functional,
but there's no need to optimise performance of these externalizers as
we'll get rid of them.


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