[infinispan-dev] IRC chat: HB + I9

Galder Zamarreño galder at redhat.com
Tue May 16 09:03:31 EDT 2017

I'm on the move, not sure if Paul/Radim saw my replies:

<pferraro> galderz, rvansa: Hey guys - is there a plan for Hibernate &
    ISPN 9?
<rvansa> pferraro: Galder has been working on that
<rvansa> pferraro: though I haven't seen any results but a list of
    stuff that needs to be changed
<pferraro> galderz: which Hibernate branch are you targeting?
<rvansa> pferraro: 5.2, but there are minute differences between 5.x
    in terms of the parts that need love to get Infinispan 9 support
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<pferraro> rvansa: are you suggesting that 5.0 or 5.1 branches will be
    adapted to additionally support infinispan 9?  how is that
> pferraro: i'm working on it as we speak...
> pferraro: down to 16 failuresd
> pferraro: i started a couple of months ago, but had talks/demos to
> pferraro: i've got back to working on it this week
> pferraro: rvansa 
> rvansa: minute differences my ass ;p
> pferraro: did you see my replies?
> i got disconnected while replying...
<pferraro> hmm - no - I didn't
<pferraro> galderz: ^
> pferraro: so, working on the HB + I9 integration as we speak
> pferraro: i started a couple of months back but had talks/demos to
    prepare and had to put that aside
> pferraro: i'm down to 16 failures
> pferraro: serious refactoring required of the integration to get it
    to compile and the tests to pass
> pferraro: need to switch to async interceptor stack in 2lc
    integration and get all the subtle changes right
> pferraro: it's a painstaking job basically
> pferraro: i'm working on
> pferraro: i can't remember where i branched off, but it's a branch
    that steve had since master was focused on 5.x
> pferraro: i've no idea when/where we'll integrate this, but one
    thing is for sure: it's nowhere near backwards compatible
> actually, fixed one this morning, so down to 15 failures
> pferraro: any suggestions/wishes?
> is anyone out there? ;)

Galder Zamarreño
Infinispan, Red Hat

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