[jboss-as7-dev] IMPORTANT New JIRA Policy & Massive JBAS JIRA Reorg/Cleanup

Bruno Georges bgeorges at redhat.com
Tue Mar 22 21:57:29 EDT 2011

Thank you Jason for your leadership here.

On 23 Mar 2011, at 05:17, Jason T. Greene wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> I'm sure many of you will agree that the JBAS jira has had a very poor 
> signal to noise ratio for awhile now.  his has been a problem since 
> important issues often go unnoticed, and it's extremely time consuming 
> to do any kind of release or organization.
> Our release model is such that we only focus on one major release at a 
> time. Once that happens it typically becomes part of the enterprise 
> product line which has it's own JIRA project (JBPAPP). Since we have a 
> very new architecture with 7, there isn't much value in keeping around 
> hundreds of stale issues which may not be relevant any more.
> So, I have /closed all issues that were not assigned to an as7 release/ 
> as out of date.
> I have also renamed all components that are no longer relevant to be 
> prefixed with z - Legacy (to sort at the bottom).
> From now on JIRA should accurately reflect our 7 timeline and work queue.
> I am asking for everyone's help though in keeping this manageable by 
> doing the following:
> 1. When creating an issue that you intend to assign to yourself, pick a 
> fix-for release version that you can commit to achieving. Please be 
> realistic in making this choice, as very few of our issues do not get 
> rescheduled.
> 2. If you can not commit to a point in the schedule, but you just want 
> to log the issue to be worked on, then leave it unassigned and set the 
> fix-for to be "Open to Community". I am hoping this will be an easy 
> place to point people that want to jump in.
> 3. If you have an issue you know you cant work on, but think it is 
> timeline sensitive, then leave it unassigned and let me know about it. 
> We will figure out a way to resource it.
> 4. If you validate that a bug is valid then please schedule it or leave 
> a note so that when I go through them I can find a place for it.
> 5. If you are a component lead you will probably get auto-assigned. The 
> intention is that you will either take on the issue, delegate it to 
> someone else, verify it and unassign, or in the worst case just unassign.
> Also note that I may close issues that are continually not resolved when 
> scheduled, so if you really care about the issue please schedule it 
> reliably.
> If we do this right, we should start to see that each release has a 
> manageable number of issues on it, and that everyone has a reasonable 
> number assigned to them.
> If you have any questions or any other ideas on how we can get a more 
> accurate reflection of our work in JIRA, then let me know.
> Thanks!
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> Jason T. Greene
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