[jboss-as7-dev] Community AS8 Roadmap Proposal

Jason Greene jason.greene at redhat.com
Wed Mar 27 13:28:22 EDT 2013

Hello Everyone,

I am happy to announce a proposed roadmap for AS8. After some discussions with various AS developers and community members, the goals we think are important are:

1. Java EE7
2. Integration of Undertow (EE7 Web Sockets + performant non-blocking i/o)
3. Patching
4. Migration from JacORB to the JDK Orb
5. Transition to the new yet to be announced name

I am proposing an agressive 6 month timeline for this release, with the following key milestones:

May 7 - Release Alpha1
  + Includes undertow, some ee7
June 11 - Release Beta
  + more progress on EE7
July 11 - Release CR1
  +  EE7 feature complete
July 25 - Release CR2 if needed
  (Hopefully TCK 100% by this date)
August 8 - Release Final

As usual the August 8th date is conditional on the Java EE certification process.

I look forward to any and all feedback. Thanks!

Jason T. Greene
JBoss AS Lead / EAP Platform Architect
JBoss, a division of Red Hat

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