[jboss-dev] Code Differences between AS trunk and 6.0.0.M1 tag

Brian Stansberry brian.stansberry at redhat.com
Wed Dec 2 18:20:44 EST 2009

On 12/02/2009 04:27 PM, Marius Bogoevici wrote:
> Ales Justin wrote:
>> Spring-int is now a separate project:
>> *http://jboss.org/snowdrop
> Do we still need to have the spring-int folder in the AS trunk? I know
> you were keeping it for some tests that were there.

Perhaps you're just seeing some junk left around in your workspace? I've 
had that happen several times when modules were deleted. The spring-int 
folder isn't in my workspace or in 

Brian Stansberry
Lead, AS Clustering
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