[jboss-dev] Howto debug jndi lookup issues?

Brian Stansberry brian.stansberry at redhat.com
Mon Dec 7 12:50:49 EST 2009

Adding this to every test would be real ugly, but as a quick debug
you can catch this and invoke Reference.getFactoryClassName(). It's the 
absence of that factory class that causes 
javax.naming.spi.NamingManager.getObjectInstance() to return the passed 
in Reference instance of creating the desired object.

I opened a JIRA to have the JBoss NamingContext class detect this 
situation and add some useful debug output:


On 12/07/2009 11:09 AM, Thomas Diesler wrote:
> Still, is there a way to know what class is missing exactly?
> On 12/07/2009 05:29 PM, Thomas Diesler wrote:
>> Folks,
>> java.lang.ClassCastException: javax.naming.Reference cannot be cast to
>> org.jboss.test.osgi.jbosgi58.ejb.StatelessBean
>>        at
>> org.jboss.test.osgi.jbosgi58.OSGI58TestCase.testEJB(OSGI58TestCase.java:54)
>> a JNDI client lookup may fail for various reasons . AFAIK, the above CCE
>> happens because there is some calss missing on the client classpath.
>> JNDI gives up internally and simply returns the reference.
>> To solve the problem I could do
>> <dependency>
>> <groupId>org.jboss.jbossas</groupId>
>> <artifactId>jboss-as-client</artifactId>
>> <version>6.0.0.M1</version>
>> <type>pom</type>
>> </dependency>
>> but this gives me an insanely big dependency tree
>> (http://pastebin.com/m3776fc85). I'd much rather find out, what exactly
>> is missing and use a client that contains just that.
>> Is there a way to debug these kind of JNDI client issues?
>> cheers
>> -thomas

Brian Stansberry
Lead, AS Clustering
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