[jboss-dev] jboss-metadata-* compatibility with latest state of jboss-metadata-common

Jaikiran Pai jpai at redhat.com
Sun Dec 13 10:25:09 EST 2009

With EE6 specific things being added to jboss-metadata, i see that the 
current state of jboss-metadata-common 
is no longer backward compatible (new methods being added to existing 
interfaces). I believe at some point of time before 6.0.0.M2 is 
released, there will be a release of this jboss-metadata-common project 
and integrated to JBoss AS (although i don't exactly know what the plan 
is). As a result, all dependent metadata projects (like 
jboss-metadata-ejb, jboss-metadata-ear etc...) will have to do any 
necessary changes to be compatible with this newer version of 

Specifically, these projects need to make sure that they are compatible 
with the newer version:

- jboss-metadata-ejb (EJB3 team will take care of this)
- jboss-metadata-rar
- jboss-metadata-ear
- jboss-metadata-client
- jboss-metadata-web

I was planning to file JIRAs for individual components in the JBMETA 
JIRA project, but except for jboss-metadata-ejb, the others don't have 
owners. So who's looking after these components these days? Alexey?

P.S: With the new metadata split and with each metadata component now 
having it own SVN location and release cycle, should there be separate 
JIRA projects for each of these? Or is it better manageable with a 
single JIRA project and multiple components?


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