[jboss-dev] MC+VDF Bootstrap

Andrew Lee Rubinger andrew.rubinger at redhat.com
Wed Dec 16 00:50:12 EST 2009

@see https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/RELOADED-10

In the last design call I noted one approach to building slimmer 
runtimes was to take Carlo's notion of Reloaded, but instead of taking 
from the AS configs get things as trim as possible and only bring up 
what's needed for VDF/MainDeployer.  Ales was kind enough to point me to 
some precanned stuff already used in the jboss-deployers testsuite, so I 
stole a bunch of that and coupled it with jboss-bootstrap-impl-mc.

The basic test is able to install a new Deployer to the chain and ensure 
it's used when a new Deployment is deployed via MainDeployer.  Takes 
about 1.9 seconds on my machine from JVM start to shutdown.


I think the next steps are as we've already discussed:

1) Make this into an extensible component which can be 
2) Bring up ProfileService in another extension



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