[jboss-dev] mvn release failure

Jaikiran Pai jpai at redhat.com
Tue Dec 22 04:41:29 EST 2009

I am now running into this same/similar issue. I am trying to release an 
alpha of jboss-javaee-parent (and jboss-ejb-api) from here 
and Maven keeps ending up with this error:

[INFO] Checking in modified POMs...
[INFO] Executing: /bin/sh -c cd 
&& svn --non-interactive commit --file /tmp/maven-scm-1338528099.commit 
--targets /tmp/maven-scm-4040308354544893059-targets
[INFO] Working directory: 
[INFO] Unable to commit files
Provider message:
The svn command failed.
Command output:
svn: Commit failed (details follow):
svn: Server sent unexpected return value (403 Forbidden) in response to 
MKACTIVITY request for 

Infact, i can't even do a "mvn clean deploy" to deploy a SNAPSHOT of 
this project. The one common thing about all these failing projects 
(including the one Flavia mentioned) is that they all use 5-beta-5 
version of jboss-parent.


And looking at that pom 
i see that there have been major changes to the distributionManagement 
section since jboss-parent-4/jboss-parent-5-beta-1:

<name>JBoss Release Repository</name>
<name>JBoss Snapshot Repository</name>

It now uses 2 different ids "jboss-releases" and "jboss-snapshots" for 
the distribution management repositories. Earlier, it was 
"repository.jboss.org" and "snapshots.jboss.org". That explains why my 
snapshot deploy failed - it couldn't find a corresponding server for 
username/password in settings.xml. I had to add this in settings.xml to 
get the SNAPSHOT deploy working.
<!-- Configuration of the webdav access to the snapshots repository -->

Looks like Paul has updated the MavenSettingsExample[1] wiki to reflect 
this change.

However, this doesn't explain why the tagging during release is failing. 
I do see another change in the "jboss-releases" distribution management 
repository config for jboss-parent-5-beta-5:

<name>JBoss Release Repository</name>

and the ${jboss.releases.repo.url} points to:


In the earlier versions, this used to point to the local checkout of the 
maven repo:

<!-- Copy the distribution jar file to a local checkout of the maven 
- This variable can be set in $MAVEN_HOME/conf/settings.xml -->

Not sure if this is causing the release issues. Maybe Paul knows?

[1] http://community.jboss.org/wiki/MavenSettingsExample

Flavia Rainone wrote:
> I had a similar failure when doing the classpool release, but it was not 
> same error as you (can't tag it cause the message was repository does 
> not exist).
> This is what I've done:
> - I checked that I forgot to define my username and password
> - During the first release try, the pom was updated and for some strange 
> reason, I got an error and the scm address moved from trunk to tag 
> (don't ask me why). I had to fix my pom then.
> - downgraded the version of release plugin to 2.0-beta-8
> Downgrading didn't work for me as the other two points were the cause of 
> the problem. But I found an e-mail thread on the web that mentioned that 
> 2.0-beta-9 has a bug and that causes maven to not be able to tag it. 
> That's why I gave it a try. Maybe this will solve your problem?
> On 12/19/2009 04:54 PM, Ales Justin wrote:
>> Any idea what might be wrong?
>> Or is this just one of those "mvn release:x" random failures?
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>> [INFO] Tagging release with the label 1.0.0.Alpha1...
>> [INFO] Executing: cmd.exe /X /C "svn --non-interactive copy --file
>> C:\DOCUME~1\Ales\LOCALS~1\Temp\maven-scm-578495977.commit --revision
>> 98027
>> https://svn.jboss.org/repos/labs/labs/jbossbuild/jboss-parent/tags/jboss-parent-4/mcann-build
>> https://svn.jboss.org/repos/jbossas/projects/mc-ann/tags/1.0.0.Alpha1"
>> [INFO] Working directory: C:\projects\microcontainer\mc-ann
>> [INFO]
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> [INFO]
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> [INFO] Unable to tag SCM
>> Provider message:
>> The svn tag command failed.
>> Command output:
>> svn: Repository moved permanently to 'https://svn.jboss.org/repos/';
>> please relocate
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