[jboss-dev] Further profling: Where should I focus?

Bill Burke bburke at redhat.com
Wed Dec 23 13:56:31 EST 2009

IIRC, from the JBoss AS meeting you already knew this but...

I was doing further times on no things in deploy/ and just deploying 
what deployers don't have dependencies in deploy/.

12.5 secs with the deployer sorting optimization
10.6 secs if you remove AOPDependencyBuilder
8.8 secs if you remove AOPJoinputFactory

I did a profile after removing the AOP stuff and found that:
~35-40% is in creating classloaders with the majority of that time being 
spent in discovering package names
~5-10% is in classloader.getResource()

But, talking to people, I'm pretty sure you already know this.  The 
question is, where can I help?  I know work on VFS3 is going on.  Should 
I help there?  I could also volunteer to work on removing AOP 
dependencies that currently exist for some components.

After fixing those 2 problems, my bet is further reductions will be 
found in optimizing resolveContexts().

Bill Burke
JBoss, a division of Red Hat

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