[jboss-dev] Further profling: Where should I focus?

Ales Justin ales.justin at gmail.com
Thu Dec 24 16:16:38 EST 2009

> IMO, we should just remove AOP entirely as our customers probably are
>  not going to use it. 

This is exactly what will happen - remove AOP - if we disable it by 
default and re-write lifecycle handling to plain OO, w/o any costly 
pointcut matching.

The only cost is lookup for potential @AOPEnable on the bean.
While we still keep optional cool feature of creating an AOP proxy for a 

> For @JMX just write another deployer and do it
>  regularly.  Similarly with lifecycle and other features.

If you mean to register an mbean, that is actually not what we/users want.
See my response to Dimitris this morning.

While this could be a deployer feature, I think it's far more complex to 
do it than tie it into the bean's lifecycle.
e.g. scan for @JMX, remembering the handle, checking if it's overridden 
for an instance, ... while we already have all this implemented in 
bean's lifecycle handling, it's just not optimized yet.

What do you mean by "similarly with lifecycle and other features"?
@JMX, @JNDI, @Password, ... is the lifecycle callback.

> Again, if you want to take this route, I'd be happy to do the work.
> I am willing to spend the next month on boot performance and AS.

So will I and the rest of MC team.

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