[jboss-dev] Further profling: Where should I focus?

Kabir Khan kabir.khan at jboss.com
Thu Dec 31 05:18:55 EST 2009

>> What do you mean by "similarly with lifecycle and other features"?
>> @JMX, @JNDI, @Password, ... is the lifecycle callback.
> All these annotations that trigger AOP.  Are they under the jboss 
> namespace?  Controlled by us?
The @JMX etc. annotations for lifecycle stufff will be handled by the annotation plugins which are invoked as part of the bean's describe phase. Adding/removing them will be easy. So, I don't think metaannotations will be necessary.
> You might want to consider meta-annotations and turning @AOPEnabled into 
> one. i.e.
> @AOPEnabled
> public @interface JMX {...}
> You look at the bean's class annotations, then look at those annotations 
> for @AOPEnabled.
>>> Again, if you want to take this route, I'd be happy to do the work.
>>> I am willing to spend the next month on boot performance and AS.
>> Excellent.
>> So will I and the rest of MC team.
> Well, I need to know what I could do to help.  Is Kabir fine on the AOP 
Yes, before finishing for the holidays I got most of the aop-mc-int tests working with weaving not enabled (mvn surefire-report:report -Ptests-no-weave). I am getting failures in the tests with weaving enabled (mvn surefire-report:report -Pant-tests-weave). It is probably something trivial, I'll have a look on Monday.
> stuff?  VFS3 seems to be ok?  What about removing JMX Kernel Backward 
> Compatibility and upgrading services to MC?  I can tackle any of these 
> problems with little guidance I just don't want to be duplicating any 
> work (like with the deployer sorting).
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