[jboss-dev] Migrating to JBoss Web 3

Carlo de Wolf cdewolf at redhat.com
Tue Sep 1 02:01:24 EDT 2009

Why not build the integration code in a standalone module? Aka Spider.
The module would deliver a 'web' profile to the Profile Service. Once 
that's done you can remove the JBW integration code from AS.


Rémy Maucherat wrote:
> Hi,
> As part of the Servlet 3.0 development, AS trunk will have to be
> switched to JBoss Web 3. Most is just a one time API change that is
> not very difficult, and it should provide the same level of
> functionality than JBW 2.1 (the new features need many deployer
> updates), but the JSP changes are more intrusive.
> Of particular interest is the new handling for tag library
> descriptors, where instead of having Japser parse them "magically"
> (and in a very hackish way ;) ) parse them, metadata will have to be
> created in the container (Stan in particular asked for that ;) ). For
> example, for JSTL and JSF, some deployer or listener could be
> processing their taglibs using the new metadata classes and add them
> to the Tomcat deployer as "shared" taglib metadata, which would then
> be added to every webapps. This could be done by with the service that
> would be looking for ServletConteainerInitializers in shared
> libraries.
> Given the amount of stuff that is involved, I don't see how to do the
> thing in one pass, so I was posting to inquire about the development
> strategy. Should this be done in trunk, accepting that JSP taglib
> support is not going to be functional for a little while ? [note: it
> might be possible to hack in a temporary solution by using Catalina's
> taglib processing for now] In a separate branch of AS ? (but given the
> rate of change, merging could be very difficult)
> Comments ?
> Rémy
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