[jboss-dev] certs and verified signers

Ales Justin ales.justin at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 15:56:59 EDT 2009

OK, got it.
Like Adrian said, you really need to *read* the stream, not just open it.

>>       InputStream tmp = clazz.openStream(); // HERE -- reading stream

Missing: VFSUtils.copyStreamAndClose(tmp, new ByteArrayOutputStream());

>>       Certificate[] certs = clazz.getCertificates();
>>       assertNotNull("No certificates: " + clazz, certs);

jar: processSignature signed name = 
jar: done with meta!
jar: beginEntry examplets/plugins/impl/AnotherInjectedPlugin.class
jar: Manifest Entry: examplets/plugins/impl/AnotherInjectedPlugin.class 
jar:   manifest c1d0ef1715541c33b1b5e941abc840842bcb2db5
jar:   computed c1d0ef1715541c33b1b5e941abc840842bcb2db5


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