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Emmanuel Bernard emmanuel at hibernate.org
Fri Sep 18 05:48:34 EDT 2009

I think that's good enough for the beta.

Here are the EE 6 requirements as outlined by the latest EE6 PFD (I've  
bolded what we need to work on still - AFAIK). I guess we should open  
JIRAs for that.

The Bean Validation specification defines a metadata model and API for  
validation. The default metadata source is annotations, with the  
ability to override
and extend the metadata through the use of XML validation descriptors.
The Java EE platform requires that web containers make an instance of
ValidatorFactory available to JSF implementations by storing it in a  
context attribute named
The Java EE platform also requires that an instance of  
ValidatorFactory be
made available to JPA providers as a property in the map that is  
passed as the
second argument to the
createContainerEntityManagerFactory(PersistenceUnitInfo, Map) method of
the PersistenceProvider interface, under the name

Applications that need to use those interfaces can find appropriate  
objects by
looking up the name java:comp/Validator for Validator and java:comp/
ValidatorFactory for ValidatorFactory, or by requesting the injection  
of an
object of the appropriate type via the @Resource annotation.

A Validator or ValidatorFactory object reference may also be declared  
in a
deployment descriptor in the same way as a resource environment  
In order to customize the returned ValidatorFactory, an ejb, web or
application client module may specify a Bean Validation XML deployment
descriptor. The name of the descriptor is WEB-INF/validation.xml for web
modules, META-INF/validation.xml for all other types of modules.
A validation deployment descriptor only affects ValidatorFactory  
in that module.
There is no per-application validation deployment descriptor.
that's not implemented right? If someone can set up this per module  
separation, I can write the validation.xml parser in jboss-metadata  
and build the appropriate VF in the bv deployer

On 15 sept. 09, at 19:20, Stan Silvert wrote:

> I did a snapshot release of the BV deployers and integrated into  
> Branch_5_x.
> Current State of things:
> * The BV Factory is created and added to the DeploymentUnit by the BV
> deployer
> * The BV Factory from the DeploymentUnit is added to application scope
> for use by JSF.  JSF/BV integration is working.
> * The BV Factory is bound to global JNDI at
> /BeanValidatorFactories/<DeploymentUnit.getSimpleName()>
> We know the JNDI part is wrong, so there will be changes.  But  
> hopefully
> those of you waiting on this stuff can now make further progress.
> Stan
> Carlo de Wolf wrote:
>> So these must be setup as LinkRefs by the container governing
>> java:comp to some other JNDI name which is bound by a deployer. Or
>> maybe we LinkRef to java:app/ValidatoryFactory depending on it's
>> scope. But at some point it will link to a 'global' name.
>> Carlo
>> On 09/15/2009 08:48 AM, Ales Justin wrote:
>>> FYI wrt the JNDI names.
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>>> Subject: [jsr-316-eg] Validator and validator factory names
>>> Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2009 17:25:58 -0700
>>> From: Roberto Chinnici <Roberto.Chinnici at sun.com>
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>>> Organization: Sun Microsystems, Inc.
>>> To: Java Community Process JSR #316 Expert List <JSR-316-EG at jcp.org>
>>> As I was making a few editorial changes to the platform spec, I  
>>> ran into
>>> an actual mistake we need to fix for PFD.
>>> Section EE.5.16 uses the following JNDI names for retrieving a  
>>> validator
>>> and a validator factory:
>>>   java:comp/env/Validator
>>>   java:comp/env/ValidatorFactory
>>> This seems wrong, because we typically reserve java:comp/env for
>>> application-defined names.
>>> All other system-defined ones, like the ORB or UserTransaction, are
>>> defined under java:comp.
>>> So I'm going to change the names above to the following ones:
>>>   java:comp/Validator
>>>   java:comp/ValidatorFactory
>>> My plan is still to submit the spec for PFD on Wednesday.
>>> --Roberto
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