[jboss-dev] jars in sars visible from ears, my arse!

Andrew Dinn adinn at redhat.com
Mon Sep 21 10:53:08 EDT 2009

>> > Apologies for the title. A more pictorial perspective might help.
>> >
>> > server/default/deploy
>> >    jbossxts.sar
>> >      META-INF/application.xml
> Why do you have an application.xml in your sar file?

Because the sar contains, amongst other things, several war files. The 
application.xml contains module entries of type web which advertise the 
presence of these wars and specify their context-root. Is this not 
considered kosher for a .sar file? If not then what is?

n.b. I have tried to advertise the presence of the .jar files in the 
.sar by adding module entries of type java to the application.xml but 
this makes no difference to their visibility outside of the .sar file.


Andrew Dinn

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