[jboss-dev] jars in sars visible from ears, my arse!

Andrew Dinn adinn at redhat.com
Tue Sep 22 08:26:18 EDT 2009

On 09/21/2009 05:42 PM, Andrew Dinn wrote:
>> Right, the application.xml will cause the deployment to be treated as an
>> EAR. You don't need this for sars, they deploy all nested content
>> anyway, so deleting it should solve the issue.
> Thanks, Jason and Anil. This did the trick and it now works.

Hmm, this didn't quite fix everything. The problem is that my servlets 
are being mapped to a context path composed as follows



Previously, my application.xml was using module:web:context-root entries 
to map them explicitly to a context path composed as



In most cases this does not matter. However, in the case of the cited 
example it matters because this particular path is visible to clients.

So, if I use application.xml or jboss-app.xml to specify the context 
path I cannot see my jars. If I omit these config files I cannot specify 
the context path. Is there a way round this dilemma?


Andrew Dinn

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