[jboss-dev] Client Compilation Assembly for AS

Andrew Lee Rubinger andrew.rubinger at redhat.com
Fri Sep 25 02:06:36 EDT 2009

We currently have jbossall-client.jar, which is all of the runtime 
libraries required to invoke upon a JBoss instance remote to the current 

With Embedded AS entering the mix I'm finding the need for a new 
assembly containing only the compilation resources required of a client:

* Everything in org.jboss.javaee (Servlet, EJB3, JMS, etc JavaEE 
* All of our proprietary extensions (for instance ejb3-ext-api)

jbossall-client.jar is overkill for this case; it'd leak out too many 
internals.  Consider the following:

* Unit Test
* Should require minimal dependencies
* Launched with the required deps upon the classpath
* Classes in classpath JARs loaded by application ClassLoader
* Embedded launcher comes along, pointing to JBOSS_HOME, makes a 
URLClassLoader to bring in all of the AS runtime deps
* Something loaded by Application ClassLoader references something not 
in jbossall-client.jar (leak), but visible to the URLCL.
* NoClassDefFoundError, because we've just tried to do parent>child 

In short I'd like to have one dependency that we can give our users:

"Bring in this one JAR and that's everything you need to compile an 
integration test for an application using JBossAS".  (In actuality it 
may be 2 JARs, one for the deps and one for the Embedded launcher, but 
you get the point).


Andrew Lee Rubinger
Sr. Software Engineer
JBoss by Red Hat

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