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Wed Oct 4 15:01:29 EDT 2006

I recently upgraded my Seam libraries from 1.0.1 GA to the 9/28/2006 build.  I just noticed that a session bean that I've annotated with Roles doesn't seem to work any more - it worked with 1.0.1 GA.  When I mean work, I mean my JSF markup that's referencing one of the roles somehow always defaults to referencing the default component.

To make this a little clearer (since I probably didn't explain myself clearly above), I have a session bean like this:

  | @Roles( { @Role(name = "testAlt1"), @Role(name = "testAlt2")})
  | @Stateful
  | public class TestBean implements TestLocal {
  |    private int testProp;
  |    public void setTestProp(int inputTestProp) {
  |       testProp = inputTestProp;
  |    }
  |    public getTestProp() {
  |       return testProp;
  |    }
  | }

The testProp value is set in my components.xml file.

When I reference testAlt1 in my JSF markup like this:


It actually retrieves the testProp value associated with the testDefault component rather than the testAlt1 component.  On startup, all the components seem to be initialized correctly (at least the Tomcat console indicates so).  Again, my hunch of a bug lies in the fact that this portion of my code has not changed since I upgraded to the Sep. 28, 2006 build from 1.0.1 GA (and it was working in 1.0.1 GA).

When I look in the stack trace (and forgive me, I'm not familiar at all with the Seam source code but I'm starting to try to look at it), I notice that when the Interceptor object's aroundInvoke is invoked (app. 15 frames down) has a Component property that actually refers to testDefault instead of testAlt1 - I was just trying to look for references to testAlt1 in the stack trace...  When I look way down at where the component is initialized (I'm assuming Component.newInstance()), I see a reference to testAlt1 (at least in the name property of the Component object.  Obviously, I didn't know what the heck I was doing so I'm rambling here, but I thought it might be useful. For what that's worth.  :)

I looked over the latest documentation and I don't notice that @Roles has changed in use, so is this a possible bug?  Thanks!

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