[jboss-user] JSF 1.2 Kickstart app on Jboss Portal / App Server

Brian McGovern bmcgovern at imediainc.com
Tue Oct 17 11:51:24 EDT 2006

Sorry for bumping this- Im hoping someone will see and be able to help? 

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Hi, Hoping someone can help here. 

I'm using jboss 2.4 app / portal server bundled and can deploy the JSF portlet from the Getting Started guide in the portal container no problem.  But I need to not only have portlets in the portal container but also webapps in the application server.  I have read that is where JSF can come in handy and have multiple behaviors based on environment.

So I found a good JSF1.2 example here that uses facelets: http://blog.exadel.com/?p=23 to get around Jboss' servlet container (tomcat) limitation of servlet 2.4.  I can deploy this as an app on Tomcat 5.0 in a stand alone env.  But the 5.5.17 version of tomcat bundled inside of jboss bails out.  It throws ClassCastExceptions all over the place

Bottom line, can anyone tell me definatively if JSF 1.2 apps will run on jboss-app server?  if so.. how? 


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